Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Product description:

- 4 Soothing Sounds: Mother's Heartbeat, Spring Showers, Ocean Surf, and Whale Songs
- Velcro tab to secure Sleep Sheep to the outside of a crib
- Removable sound box with adjustable volume and on/off controls.
- Automatic time-out after 23 minutes.

Honest mom's review:


- out of all the sound soothing baby products, I liked this one the most.
- the product is small and portable. Great if you are traveling and would like to bring a "piece of home with you"
- attaches to the crib with Velcro tab which is great for those horrifying SIDS months
- "spring showers" sound is my favorite, since it's very unnoticeable and soothing
- batteries last forever


- not as cuddly as it looks like in the picture due to the plastic control sticking out in the back
- "whale songs" sounds like a soundtrack to a horror film


- more variety of animals instead of just one plain white sheep
- longer lasting timer, preferably 60 minutes

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